I used your organization to rent stuff i always pay my bill on time.. Unfortunatly my son passed away @ the age of 20years old 2/7/2011 & it rocked my world..I called & explained my situation to the rep & he was extremly rude.

he litterally cussed me out & told me i was a bad customer...Look im going to pay you I only have 1 more payment left & then it's a done deal ..but i utilized the laptop so that i could make obituaries and things of that nature for my son's final arrangments.At the very least have enough respect to work out something fair like a lower $ amount weekly there has to be a way to build a bridge $ develop win/win solutions for customers. Really this is unacceptable.

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Braine-L'alleud, Brabant Wallon, Belgium #409811

Actually its below, comment posted @ so sad

Braine-L'alleud, Brabant Wallon, Belgium #409810

No matter..the above poster needs to have some compassion, you are horrible.


YOU signed a contract/agreement to pay a certain amount on a certain date each month. When you don't pay that agreed upon amount on the agreed upon date you YOU'RE in breach of contract. It's not the companies fault YOU breached your contract.

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