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I am EXTREMELY upset. Your company keeps calling my home phone number looking for a person I have no idea who they are. I recentally got this phone number just over a year ago.

I have called and explained I do not know this person and to please quit calling. I have done this SEVERAL times.

Now lately, YOU PEOPLE continue to call my home phone and when we answer, they hang up. Not to mention, at 8 a.m. in the morning INCLUDING weekends!

I am informing you now, that I am reporting your company to the dns list and the better business bureau!

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You can really have fun with this one. My tip works even better for telemarketers.

Get a caller ID if you don't already have one. Then each time your phone rings look who is calling before you answer. If the ID says the name of the business or reads "UNKNOWN" or "PRIVATE" then the fun can begin.

Answer the phone and yell at toe top of your lungs in the receiver "What in the depths of your ignorance do you want now!" there will be a silence then yell "Speak up fool!" Do this a few times. Trust me, they will stop calling. You can use any line you like. Most people prefer to say "What the F*** do you want?"

Try it, and have fun. :grin :grin :grin

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