Phil (bull) Harris Harness Racing Townsville THIEF ... HOW COULD HARNESS RACING IN TOWNSVILLE BE ABOVE BOARD WITH THIEVES AND CRIMINALS LIKE Phillip (Bull) Harris involved with the industry as a trainer (and more).

Phillip (Bull) Harris is a break and enter thief criminal who committed thefts and burglarys around Townsville and North Queensland for many years stealing very expensive goods and equipment, cars, trailers and boats and large sums of money. Harris even stole harness gear and other valuable things from his own sister. He stole furniture that he was suppose to place in storage from another relative. Harris did lots of break and enters and burglarys around North Queensland and Adelaide.WOULD YOU TRUST THIS CRIMINAL Phillip (bull) Harris ?

It doesnt say much for the harness racing industry in North Queensland and Townsville having a criminal like Phillip (bull) Harris in their midst. READ MORE HERE http://globaldisabilitynetwork.com/forum/viewtopic />

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