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Swede Larson, Harland Larson or whatever he is calling himself today preys on the parents and family of children with autism. He has published a book full of misinformation while fraudulently portraying himself as a PHD and a full member of the APA.

He has spent a considerable amount of time trying to scrub his lies from the internet but we have documented each of them. Here is the archive of him claiming to hold a PHD in Cognitive Psychology: https://web.archive.org/web/20161110115804/http://braintutoringutah.com/the-brain-works-programs/online-courses/guruauthor/view/1-professor-swede-larson The book in question titled "Desperate Parents: The real reasons behind why bright kids can’t learn!" is full of worthless nonsense and only does a disservice to the parents of children with autism. If you google his name one of the first results will link to an Autism forum where he attempted to peddle his book of lies. He has since edited out all his replies but it is still a good resource for seeing how much of a dishonest charlatan this man really is.

Since being called out for his blatantly false representations he now goes by "PHD (ABD)" which stands for PhD – All But Dissertation is a fake pseudo title that means you do not have a PhD. He never finished his degree (submitting a dissertation is a huge detail were research PhDs are involved).

Review about: Desperate Parents The Real Reasons Behind Why Bright Kids Cant Learn! Harland Larson Book.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I am the Author of this book, and I do indeed apologize that it has offended. I completed all the paramters outlined to gain a PhD in Psychology from Grand Canyon Univeristy and while the degree was not conferred as should have been done, I have gained the training in the subject through the years of work and study I did there.

I received nearly perfect scores in those classes. Of course, I have made no secert regarding my fight with the school in their fraudulent engagement with me and many others. As a result they have consistently attacked my person and my colleagues, this led me to close my social accounts. All that said, my credentials are not in question here.

The question is whether the book helps anyone or not, I beleive it does and have had many claim that it oultlined a new way to look at their child..... THAT IS SUCCESS!

I offer no serviecs online as a psychologist, Psychiatrist, or other social worker, I do not... nor have I ever, worked for Braintutoring as sugested in the comment.

While completing my dissertation I surely was toying with many ideas, and published this book. The purpose of the book, Desperate Parents is to empower parents to make choices for their children and not be sucked in by extremely expensive places like Brain Balance, or learning technics. What I do offer is a critical eye on many of these programs. These companies are charging a fortune for a product tha doesn't work, the book outlines what they do and how it works.

If you had actually read the book you would see that the final chapters explain that the parent is the best authority on their child. After a break from world of psychology, due to the emotional turmoil of having a school like Grand Canyon University pull the rug out from under me, I am currently working on a critical analysis of Utah's social work paradigms.

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