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I drove thru Hardees in Knoxville, Ill. I purchased 3 tacos and was eating them on the run.

I had already ate one taco and opened the second one as I was putting salt on I thot I saw something move, so I opened it only to find it was crawling with tiny ants and the 3rd one was, as well. I stopped and talked to the"so called" assist manager and gave her back the two tacos and she gave me my money back and said, Yes that they had been having trouble with ants!! She also said the next time I was in she'd make it rite by discounting our food. I got the main office number and when I called them I got a press 1,2 or 3 and you had to leave a very short message.

I left 3 and never heard a word. What the *** !!!

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You really put salt on a fast food taco?

You didn't taste the difference in a normal taco and one with ants in it?


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