I have an account at the Veterans Memorial store.I realize my payment is due on Saturday,I changed jobs and explained I now get paid on Tuesdays. I just don't have extra cash to pay to move my due date.

Sam called me Saturday I told him I would be in on Tuesday he asked why I said I can't pay today, he informed me that was not a reason and he would pick up the merchendise. That really did *** me off, so I hung up since I had told him when to expect the payment.

Sam continued to call me back after I told him when I would pay.I don't care to be threatened so of course I made threats of my own. I have paid out several accounts and this is the way I am treated, I am not going to tolarate that behavior from Sam. So I would rather my account be assigned to someone else. I have high blood pressure and getting upset with being harassed raised it, and could lead to other health problems. Plaese ask Sam to leave me the *** alone.

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