Harassing calls to "emergency contact"

It appears that, though I have no verification from my son or the company, my adult son, or daughter in law had some loan or business arrangement with this horrible company.

I started receiving calls from this organization about three weeks ago and the calls have become increasingly harassing and disrespectful.

The first call I received was patently deceptive: While out of town I got the first call and did not answer, as I did not recognize the number. The caller left a message on my cell phone voice mail that I was being called because I was listed as an emergency contact for my son (30 years old and married, not a minor child), they had his full name and indicated that I must call immediately. I don't have to tell any parent reading this, how I felt upon hearing that. The company did not indicate that they were attempting to reach my son, or even that it was a business call. In a panic, I dialed the 800 number and was shocked to get the standard Press 1 for this and press 2 for that. I immediately recognized it as a sales or collection call and when I spoke to the agent- I indicated how disgusted I was. No apology she simply demanded that I have my son call her. She refused to say why and I hung up.

I gave my son the message, and he indicated he would call and find out what it was about. Since that time, I have received no less than 15 calls at hours. The messages have become increasingly threatening and disrespectful. I spoke to one of the reps today who refused to tell me if my son or daughter in law even had any account with them, only that one of them needed to call. I told him that he needed to stop calling me, as I am on the do not call registry and he laughed at me, telling me that the calls would stop when they got the call they needed. He said he did not know or care about the do not call registry

I had to go through 3 different reps to finally get my name off this harassment list. These loan shark companies are out of control. I am a middle aged single woman who has been unemployed and seeking a job for months and these calls are a constant waste of my time and energy, as well as a personal violation and waste of my phone time. I would strongly suggest that anyone considering doing business with these creeps reconsider and go else where. If you must open yourself up to business with them, at least do not drag friends and relatives into the muck and mire. Perhaps you should put someone you don't like as an emergency contact.

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