Some foreigner keeps saying I owe u money. He is harashed me calling every 1 to 5 minutes saying I will be arrested.

I do not show where I borrowed from u. Any fast cash I borrow is drafted out of my account. Looked thru bank statement and show no loan. Please end me proof per email(marie.s.miller@sbcglobal.net).

I DO NOT want to receive another call from this SOB. I will send this to my attorney for harashed calls. If u show proof I owe send information you have , when deposited. Again I DONOT want some foreigner to call me Want American born in the USA.

I have that right. Name he gave was Mary Mil0(not me.) SEND PROOF EMAIL ONLY

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you sound the like foreigner.


You do NOT have a right to stop people from calling you. And you will fail in your attempt. Pay the money you owe.


The key word is "arrested". If they say that, it is a scam.

You can try for harassment, but it will go nowhere. Send proof by U S Mail only, no email.

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