I have been to 6-7 hairdressers in 3 years and tell them NOT to use warm or natural colors on my hair because I don't like it and I want ash cool tones. My hair pulls red, strawberry and orange out of everything.

Not one of these people every believes me. I had my roots done Thursday and the woman claimed she knew how I want my hair and she didn't style it when she sent me on my way so I went home wet headed. It dried a strawberry color and I have blond highlights and these two colors don't look good together. I called her up to complain and she said I should come right back for a toner.

I live 12 miles away and once home couldn't leave. She complained she had just mixed $6 worth of toner and now it was wasted.

Not wasted like to $60.00 I spent for a touch up! This is typical of every visit to pay a professional to color my hair.

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Hair coloring in my case is not a whim or fad. If I didn't have to do it I would certainly not bother with it. It's a difficult thing when your hair goes grey early on in life.

Save your money. Leave your hair natural. :)

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