This company has very poor customer service. I tried contacting them on several occasions, with no resolution to my problem.

I order some product, and never recieved my order. After a month of being given the run around I called back for a refund. After 3 weeks of being told something different everytime I called, I finally ended up filing a fraud compliant through my bank. After I filed the fraud compliant I called them let them know that I was canceling my refund, because I filed the fraud through my bank, and my refund hit my account the next day.

I contacted their customer department, and their response was we can't track the package we send it in bulk. They ask you to please contact customer service before placing a compliant. I ask them what good dose that do? I will never purchase another product from this company again.

I now check the name of the company I am buying from just to make sure it isn't this company.

However I also google all the companies I buy from online now. LOL

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No company name, how do we know what company has "very poor customer service"?


Sadly it does no one else any good if you don't use the name of the company whatsoever.

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