Don't send me any more merchant tire coupons, cause you be wasting your time. I will repeat never will go to one of your stores again.

call up one of y0ur stores and the manager said come right up and we take care of you. I ask if I need an appointment, he said no. I drove 45 min. to get there and he told me it will be 3 hour wait.

I said you said to come right up and you take care of me. he said we got busy and be a 3 hour wait. I ask if I could make an appointment for the 3 hour time slot. he said we don't take appointments the same day.

we can make an appointment for tomorrow. I saiod after I drove up here , 45 min ride. Plus the last time I had an appointment, they didn't honor it until 2 hours after the appointment time.

I am done with your service and will past it on to my friends and relatives. goodbye

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