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H1N1 Flu scare spinoff.

First off you need to realize that many thousands more people have died in the past, current, and future, from natural causes, auto accidents, and nature, than from, any recent so called Flu virus pandemics.

Imagine if you could convince the population that H1N1 will be the death of us all.

Imagine that we absoulutly, positively need to get an H1N1 flu shot or die.

Imagine the spinoff sales of pharmaseuticals and the motherload list of products that will help us to protect ourselves from getting the.... whatever..flavor of ...virus is out there this year.

What are they telling us we need to do to protect ourselves.

Wash our hands, after we come into contact with other surfaces, that may be contaminated, which may very well be everything.

Imagine the countless amount of Hand Sanitizer and Anti-Bacterial Products that will be sold in the search for our salvation from all these new Flu Virui that seem to conviently crop up every year.

Imagine NEXT YEAR what new super duper products will be available for sale that we must absoulutly have, to save us from the next F.U.S.1 virus.

Can you just imagine.....Hypothetically speaking of course !!!!

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Yeah if they keep you focused on your impending demise due to exposure to the flu virus, you won't look into what the real matters are, and what else is going on around us.

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