One of my recliners didn't work any more, because the recline-switch had no light and didn't move the motor. I called the service hotline and a very nice lady was on the line.

Her name is Angela Allen and she took care of my problem in a perfect way. I sent her pictures of the recliner name plate and the switch and she ordered a new one from China. The next day I found out that the switch wasn't the problem, but the motor. So I called her again and asked her to cancel the order for the switch and to send me a new motor.

When the motor arrived 7 days later, it didn't work either. So I called her again, if she knows any technician in my hometown. She gave me a phone number and when he arrived, he found out that neither the switch, nor the motor was defect, but obviously one of the cable connections. We installed the original switch and motor and it worked perfectly.

It was kind or a miracle. The next day I called Angela and told her the story.

She offered me to return the motor and reimburse the money. I was really happy with her support and effort - it couldn't be better!

Product or Service Mentioned: Customer Care.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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