The ad says this is a free trial but they charge you $4.95 for shipping for a month's amount. What I didn't see, was that I had to cancel within two weeks and when I didn't, they charged $79.95 for the month's supply.

First of all, nowhere on the internet does this product sell for that much per month and secondly, the customer service person was really rude.

She was very quick to cancel "my subscription" but wouldn't refund any of the money they charged my credit card. Think I'll dispute the charge with my credit card company.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Toms River, New Jersey, United States #1270334

Same thing happened to me. It was a free sample and all I had to do was pay for the shipping.

15 days later and they took $159 out of my checking account.

The boy that I spoke to was very rude. I am in the process of disputing the charges.


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Exactly!! I can't get it stopped! I feel trapped!


iI am so mad I cannot believe what i have gotton into sham on you liers and thiefs . You will not get a penny more from me and you will return the money to my account or I will have my day in court and then it will not be just what you have charged my account you will pay lawyer fees and a very huge sum of money for scaming my account lieing about the product which is no good what so ever. I also will make sure you are made to pay back every person you have scamed this is wrong and you are not going to get away with stealing money from people.


Of course, I can not find a phone number for this product! I hate being scammed. I do not know how to keep them from taking more money...

to Anonymous #1097913

844-222-2205 is the number to cancel


To whom ever is in charge of this scam. You will stop sending those pills Garcinia combogia for weight loss I have contacted a lawyer and was told I have a case you WILLNOT SEND ME ANYTHING EVER I HAVE RETURNED 2 packages.

Do not send any more. The date is july5 and I will accept any thing with your address or name on it.

Scam yourself. Virginia weiser

to Anonymous #1007233

What is the return address?

to Anonymous #1016690

1-888-906-3158 is the number I just called. Thankfully I happened to see this complaint site and I just got my stuff in the mail TODAY.

I told them I had seen several complaints and I absolutely refused to pay 70 something dollars a month for this and would send it back. After trying to offer me several lower payments and me refusing, they cancelled my subscription and I got to keep the products for just the S&H fee.


this is *** I just clicked on it to review it and now they have sent me 4 bottles; paid for shipping and handling for a FREE sample and now they have the nerve to charge my credit card for 360.00 for 4 bottles


This is the biggest scam, they are such liars and to charge $79.95 for a bottle of 30 is so ridiculous. How can they try to get away with them, I am working with my Credit Card Company, and sending the bottle back to them it's only been 15 days where does it say that I could not find it.


How did you get thru?? I cant even get an answer.

The number on my CC statement hangs up on you immediately.

The number on the bottle asks you to put the phone # used when you placed the order then it hangs up on you!!!! I can't even get a person!!

Arlington, Texas, United States #975164

I just called to cancel mine (within the free trial period) and the young man was very nice about it. He did it with no issue, he did say there would be a 995 retaining fee or I would need to ship the product back but he actually waived that fee.

I am a little nervous, that seemed TOO easy. I put a temporary block on my card just in case!

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #971504

phone number 844-222-2205

Brockton, Massachusetts, United States #970494

I had the same experience buyer beware of this vendor. They have no disclaimer when you purchase this product.

Never again will I respond to an add like this. This product is cheaper and just as good at a good vitamin store online.

Los Angeles, California, United States #963501

The same thing happened to me except they charged 4.95 3 times instead of 2.... Also I was charged 89.95 And said they never charged me.

What is really crazy when I called the number on my bank statement it was a electric company.

Has this happened to anyone else? 3/25/15

Bayonne, New Jersey, United States #963008

I was calling them nowone had my order ok... what I did when to my bank report c my debit card as lost ...

so they can't charge me anymore ... bcareful if u paid providing u routing # nd account # then they'll charging u until u contact them to stop the subcription. .. so if u order as I did nd knt contact them go to u back nd cancel u card ...

gd luck ... nd to please don't order from any trial bank rep.

Told me. ..

Mountain View, California, United States #954008

It is a scam they were taking 79.95 out of my checking account with out my knowledge.. I just got off the phone with them when I found out what they done.

Atmore, Alabama, United States #951771

what is the # u called

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #948538

Same thing happened to me.

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