I was seduced to this product by "give-away" promotion. Skeptical, I read the fine print and did not find any of the typical red-flags.

However, one month later, there was a 78.85 charge on my bank statement. When I called the company and told them that I did not want to continue receiving their product and asked to have the transaction cancelled, the customer service agent was rude and refused to do so unless I paid for return postage.

I feel like this is a money trap and will now take the battle up with my bank for a blocked transaction or a refund. Be warned!!

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $79.

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London, England, United Kingdom #991941

Nutra company cheater don't believe they send me free trial £4.95 and they cut twice £4.95 after they took to my account £89.95 .


Happened to me also. Ordered it and they charged me $4.95.

Then 4 days later whammy a charge for 79.95. What the *** happened to the trial supply. I haven't even opened the bottle I told him I would send it back and they still refuse to give my money back.

So I am calling my bank and have them to refuse the transaction. Calling them back also to cancellation order before they send me more of this ***.


After ordering the "free trail sample" (only paying for shipping and handling), I recieved 2 more bottles in the mail that I never ordered. When I called to ask why, I was told that "By ordering the free samples you agreed to the monthly shipments of each product until you call and close your account".

I asked how I could return the product for a refund and was told "Because you didn't call during your 14 day trail period to cancel your account, the products can not be returned and are yours to keep".

When I ordered the samples, there was no small print or a box to check saying that I agreed to monthly shipments totalling over $170.00. Lesson learned!

Cleveland, Ohio, United States #902637

Same thing happened to me I called. And told them it caused me to have a crowns flair up n I didn't wish to receive any more.....I didn't get any more but I got two charges of 79$ each on my bank statement!!!!

New York, New York, United States #877040

Hey, these are thieves and NO ONE should be lured. They'll rob you of your money and most importantly you credit card info. SCAM, SCAM, SCAM.....................

Colonial Beach, Virginia, United States #864598

OMG DO NOT ORDER THIS FROM THE NEU "Garcinia Cambogia 1000mg". So I ordered this thinking they were the Garcinia Cambogia everyone was talking about but I then found out that all this was, was a knock off brand so I call the 8885016381# and find out that they only had a two week free trail BUT they send you a months worth.

I called, and I'm told my two Weeks expired the day before which was a Sunday (a day they are closed bc I tried calling that day too) so I had to either pay 19.95 to keep the prout or 15.00 to send it to them. THIS is a scam... To find The REAL Garcinia Camnogia: 1. Www.newgarciniacambogia.com 2.

They don't have time trials 3.they don't bill you for something you didn't want or order.

4. Their product is the 1600MG


I just decided not to use it, I didn't even open it! I'm a disabled veteran and I didn't want to mix it with the 9 other MEDS I take. I too got a bill on our statement so what can I do?

Tom N.


Yes DO NOT use this company. They scammed me $160 and I had to call 3 times to make sure they cancelled the automatic shipment.

You have to get an RMA # to send back. One person said you had 30 days to ship back, Another said you had 5 days and yet another said you had 14 days. They wouldn't give my RMA # when it was charged. I had to call back when I received the package.

That was pass the return date.

If you want to try this. Go to Amazon or your local health food store.


These people are CROOKS!!!! Daughter was scammed $160 and did not even get one of the bottles in June.

Tried to call the number and got an answering machine and left my number and NO Return call.

Got on the web site and a strange number with 1's and 0's for a number----hum--disconnected!!! No having to cancel bank card and try and get money back!!!

Omaha, Nebraska, United States #836719

I paid for postage on the so called free trial and a few days later I was charged $79 on my credit card!! so much for the free trial, if i would of known better I would of bought some else where for the regular price which is much cheaper than this!!


Same happened to me. I emailed before my trial end, could not locate a number, and thought in writing would be better.

No response and now after finding the number they say its too late. Very shady, I skimmed the terms and did not see any extra charge.


I signed up on May 17 and red the fine print. You have 14 days to cancel.

I received my first bottle on May 22. I have been using since twice a day. So far it just keeps me from snacking. I called today at 888-611-0885 and had no hassles cancelling.

They did try to sell me a "free bottle for June" for a discounted 25% of the cost. I declined.

Shortly after hanging up with their customer service, I received an email confirming my cancellation.



this is one company


another company


800-432-9130 888-664-5351


i ordered the garcinia cambogia and the green coffee together. Almost 2weeks later they took 168 dollars from my acct which made it negative and with it being two separate transactions I also got two over draft fees making my acct now negative 224!

I called customer service and said if I did not cancel within 14 days from my order there is nothing they can do. It was on the 14th day EXACT! now in order for me not to get any more charges on my acct I have to ship the products back, paying shipping and handling by June 2nd. And still will not even get some kind of refund back!


After I saw where my acct was negative walmart now sales garcinia cambogia different brand for $10! save your money!

Minooka, Illinois, United States #820969

What is the number to get ahold of these people....money has been taken from my account too for same amount


These people are definitely hustlers, not only is the "deal" suspect, but the product does not work. DON'T BUY THIS ***.


This is really *** they told me 4.95 for only postage off free trial but later on I was charged 78.85 too for only receiving 1 bottle of 60 capsules I am very disappointed at least if they could give the supplement worth for 78.85 but nothing. No way to reach them they are theft and I am pissed of


What is the number to call customer service?


this product is a joke.. the people are a joke in talking to you she couldn't offer my money back because it was after the 14 day trial.

she was rude and hung up on me. I called back after I already cancelled it and took 50%off big deal but I haft take that because there was nothing else they could offer.. rude people on the phone and poor attitude's. Never will I buy another product of theres..

be careful when you get it.. :(


Yes...reading is key and the consumers responsibility. But that does not take away the business' scamming attempt.

The use of "free", no obligation, no hidden costs, etc., is criminal. The terms are so lengthy and redundant that it leads to false hope with the consumer.

And no one should be rude.

Customer service reps wouldn't have a job if it weren't for all the fools out there buying. There is absolutely no excuse for the business to be rude.

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