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Please remove the post for Culbreath Key Bayside - Michelle Murray Property Manager. This negative posting has affected my ability to find employment because of the popularity of social media. Giovanni Souza began the site on 2013. He was a disgruntled tenant who was...
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Training Agreement Review

Please quit tryyme to join
Kathryn Sias admitted this in writing a public forum just this morning "I get distracted by a page for a client that I manage, where competitors can go in and make false reviews..." False reviews are just a waste of time for consumers and if this is what Tampa SEO or...
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Janush Baba Ali

if Kathryn Sias did this then what is the value proposition? Fake reviews are totally shameful, deceptful. I don't care if you're from Tampa, St. Louis or ***'s Titt, if that...


Other Product Review

Haven't recd order#429628643 that was shipped from Ziolta on 10/5. IT left Ocala FL and is now intransit since 10/7. Tracking # 192709460003162. Pls look into this for me. You have already received payment for this and I am disgusted cause I haven't recd my mdse. Thinking about not ordering anything else from your company if not resolved. Your help will be greatly appreciated

Tylenol Review

I went in for a grand mal seizure and they wouldn't even give me a Tylenol. I will die before I go back to Cassville Mercy.

Shoes Review

If you don't send the terribly fitting shoes (ordered per their size chart), within 60 days, you cannot get your money back OR exchange them. This is assanine, since it is strictly a mail in company. When I called to ask, the customer service was HORRIBLE, including the supervisor, who interrupted and insulted me. They have lost my business, as well as the business of my employees.
He came down to Florida and stole money, pawned a lot of personal items, stole a Galaxy phone and tablet, and ran a scam on me. I expected nothing from him when I tried to help him. He also robbed my neighbors. All this occurred while I was in the hospital. He has...
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Today's date is July 16, 2015. The driver of one of your trucks was going down a one-Way the wrong way! !!! He pulled off to let cars go by. I stopped to tell him that and explain that he could back up in the parking lot where was. He said " I know, I just need to...
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Other Product Review

Well in a few words just as e.o. said waste of time
Calling six times a day and no message.Mad when u use my phone to call back.I have asked many times to take me off and they continuue.Six am ohone calls and I'm disabled.They hang up and call back.Please stop and take me off the list.I have ins in my state please stop...
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