This pathetic loser is named "DOVE." He is a playboy manager of many girls in LA and Canada. His real name is Edward Valenciano.

It is hard to get a picture of "DOVE" because he refuses to take ANY pictures whatsoever. This "playboy manager" SCAMS poor girls into modelling for him and he'll put them in some crappy special editions playboy online BS piece of publicity. He manipulates all of them into having sex with him. Dove has all these insane rules about how none of his "girls" are allowed to have boyfriends, or talk to any men except him.

Basically, he has a bunch of playboy models and DJ's, gets them gigs and then takes all of their money. Edward Valenciano tricks poor girls into flying down to wherever he lives in hopes of them actually starting a career in playboy or DJ-ing. He's the biggest JOKE of a manager there is out there! DOVE'S CAREER NEEDS TO BE OVER!!!!

This fake Playboy Manager is a SCAM and has no connections. You'd be better off submitting your pictures yourself, instead of letting himself cut himself a cheque.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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This pathetic *** needs to go to jail for trying to get underage girls to *** with him! Clearly he's not a manager! Look at what he's wearing!


please girls. dont waste your time on this guy.

although he seems convincing...with his magazines and his videos and the girls he brings along with him to convince you everything is okay... i PROMISE YOU this guy is sexual predator!

please do research on him. iv spoken to HUNDREDS of girls online who went through the same thing i did...and its disgusting.


Stay away from this guy. He is dirty and a big *** artist.

I highly recommend you do your own research on this fellow before you commit to anything like going down on him. He is full of ****.

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