Maysville, Kentucky
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Son in law bought 3 labelers at Xmas time for family. The one I received lasted through 1 roll of tape and then quit working.

What a piece of junk. Threw it in the trash because I know the process. Send it in we will work on it but you pay the postage both ways. It's a shame manufacturing can't make a reliable product.

I'll spend my time now telling everyone that will listen not to buy this product.

The item is probably made in China like all the junk these days. Thanks for listenibg to one mad past customer.

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Well, apparently you don't know the process. They come with at least a 2 year warranty, they give you a freepost label to send it back - for free - then they send you a brand new replacement - for free.

Of course, if you broke it yourself by using compatible labels then it's your own fault and you can't blame the manufacturer for that.

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