Redland Bay, Queensland

Well I got sucked into all the advertising for this saw and what a big let down THEY DON'T TELL YOU ABOUT HOW THE 1/4 OF AN INCH OF METAL THAT IS CUT OUT SHOOTS ALL OVER THE PLACE AND IN BIG CHUNKS AND NO THROUGH BACK *** .Well the total price of coarse with the free steak knifes and other saw was over $400 my Partnet call to arrange to return it of coarse at our expence and to our shock it was offered to us at $157 WHICH WAS INCLUDING THE $80 WE HAD PAYED UP FRONT WHEN WE GOT IT they didn't want it back and this is what staff get them for SO FOR A 1 OFF PAYMENT OF $77 IT WAS OURS SO HOW MUCH PROFIT ARE THEY MAKING.Igave to my son who has a scrap business and he dosen't like it either he will use the grinder first.

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