Still ripping people off?

Just wanted to remind you of how much of a miserable and nasty monster you are.

I hope you live and see all the things you care about fall apart around you.

You will get what you deserve ......one day.

Someone is gonna find you in Ottawa and make you pay.

***..... I really hope you and all your family get some type of Cancer, you thief, Stop stealing desperate peoples money..... you will end up in a very painful situation.....(:

Let me tell you what....you will not get away with this for much longer, I have a good feeling that it will all be over for you .....SOON!!!

Monetary Loss: $600.

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Carthage, North Carolina, United States #653374

ASHRA IS A SCAM!If I could spit on her now, I would!!!

She needs to be stopped!

I guarantee her day will soon come!!!You just wait and see!

to Madas*** Wallingford, Connecticut, United States #654803

I agree I finally woke up after she scammed me out of thousands after she claims she performed my spell she wrote back that I needed to buy another spell to ''help'' the first spell.

I have had not had contact with her for months yet she keeps e-mailing me that the "spells" are working but oh yes I need to buy a new one to help :(

Do not trust or believe this woman!

Karma is a *** so be carefull Ashra :(


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Your full of *** David and you defend her like a women is that you ashra? I hope you get cancer you evil soul.


She isn't stealing people's money and how dare you wish cancer on her.I WOULD understand if someone killed someone in your family or raped you ect.

Ashra is a GOOD HEARTED WOMAN and she is the real deal. She WILL cast a spell that you must believe in and be positive about it.In turn, you will get quicker results. Some people need a big expensive one like $200 plus if their situation is great. I will order a more expensive one, so I can see better results.

The ones I have ordered all have been around $60 or $70 dollars and I didn't do everything that I could in my department and it delayed some results. She doesn't affect free will. If someone deeply loves you the spell will go into their soul and give them guidance and support for what you want to accomplish. It will fill your heart with love and truth and a direction to what you want and what is meant for you.

bye.LOve you Ashra

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