It has come to my attention this morning that many many police and sheriff dept in your town are in the process of ordering,receiving or have received DRONE aircraft to "supposedly" use for "TRAFFIC" ETC......This is illegal and you must call your mayors office and the local PD and sheriff to ask if they have ordered are are planning on oredering these aircraft to use for "ANY" spying type activity. This is a violation of the constitution in every manner and it doesnt matter if you are a law abiding citizen this will have a terrible outcome. We can not give this kind of power to anybody but a court of law---DUE PROCESS...THATS THE LAW!!!!

FACT...washington state and many other locations are in the process of blocking these craft from our skies!!!!!!

Do something dont wait until it is too late....

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #612079

Good Heavens! Don't you have anything more important to worry about? I would be willing to bet drones aren't mentioned anyplace in the Constitution.

to anonymousII Eugene, Oregon, United States #612155

Gooollly andy, why dont we all just sit around the camp fire worryin about whether we can clean out our toe jam yet. Gimmee a break you guys, give it a rest with the child like comments.....The constitution is a document that most people HAVENT EVER READ!!!!!

And then you have the guts to advise someone on what can and cant be included or excluded. This forum is set up to INFORM AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE about events that they may CHOOSE to pay attention to and nothing more.....So like I said.....grab your stuff, that is if you have any stuff, get in the truck,if you have a truck, bring your harley,if you have a harley and learn something by listening more than you talk.....CLASS DISMISSED

Eugene, Oregon, United States #612024

Common in the history of this world to miscalculate the end result that will come crashing down on the most supportive of those wealthier than god, just when you think you are part of their grand plan then you come to discover in your last breath that it was never to include you...fool.......

So you keep on thinkin that all those super wealthy people have you in mind as you screech from your tiny mound in support of their grand scheme as they are thinkin about how obedient a servant you will make.

Soon after I have eaten you will get the tray next....watch

to S0_Sad Eugene, Oregon, United States #612049


I guess that when the mayor of seattle just recently had to return those darn things that you just lost some money...awww isnt that just too bad......some people just know what to do when idiots make *** choices....

We all have our interests dontcha know and i happen to like practicing at the range as i drive up in my dually diesel and then maybe when the sun comes out a little later I can take a spin on my dresser.....so you come on over and take spin with me and well see how well you perform.......Im thinkin maybe not so good....AAAAWWWWWWW go count your blood money, it will make you feel better.... sonny I put in my time already.....

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