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The psycho lunatic residents of Orlando Florida are probably the worst most pathetic drivers you will ever encounter in your life. I'm not kidding they're the worst not only are they extremely *** unintelligent people who cannot drive and drive like complete idiots but they do a lot of crazy things that are shocking and ***. Here is the typical scenario of a worthless unintelligent Orlando resident driver

People who visit and who are in Orlando all notice how bad the crazy drivers here are the *** idiotic people. You're driving casually in your lane and you decide to go in the lane next to you- the car in front of you will also decide to pull into the lane in front of you. The drivers of Orlando Florida are mentally ill sick twisted freaks

So now the idiotic person is in front of you and what you do is you get back in the other lane that you were in and you try to pass them. What happens now is that these psychopaths will begin speeding up at extreme speeds trying to make sure that you can't pass them. So now I have to drive 60 to 70 miles an hour just to pass the psycho that would not let you just casually go into another lane has to get in front of you and then start speeding up.

This doesn't just happen once or twice a month it happens every single day and people all agree that this happens to them too. Hey guy I know that lived in Colorado said in Colorado they don't do those they let you drive as you want but in Orlando they start to race yoU. On top of that with the psychopaths in Orlando do is during an extreme rain storm they will try to speed up and if you're going really slow for safety they'll start honking at you.

There are only two times the psycho freaks of Orlando speed up and that is to make sure that you don't pass them on the road after cutting you off and during an extreme thunderstorm. They are sick extreme mental cases and the worst. Orlando Fl sucks and the drivers are worthless degenerates that belong in ***

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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