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My kids used to go see Dr. Mary Alonzi

(Address & Contact Information:

Pediatric Clinic Associates

9365 North Haggerty Road

Plymouth, MI 48170)

And they used to be great. The stopped taking our insurance so we had to stop going there. Apparently their billing person, a woman named Sue, has no idea what she's doing because she didn't bill our insurance correctly more than once. I received a few bills (although they said they had sent me many) and each time I would call my insurance company to try to resolve the situation. Now, about 3-4 years later, I get a call from her staff while I was in the CRITICAL CARE UNIT (AKA ICU) of a hospital because of serious heart problems. I told them that when they called, and they still tried to talk to me about a debt that we have with them. We don't owe them thousands of dollars; we owe them LESS than $300. I called to try to make arrangements to pay it, trying to explain to them everything that has happened: I was in the hospital for over 2 weeks because of my heart problems, because of that my husband was laid off for three weeks and has just finally found a new job. Our checking account is way overdrawn, and we owe all of our bills. We got our COURT SUMMONS (these heartless people didn't even try to call me again after they tried to give me yet another heart attack when they called whilst I was in the hospital) last week, and it's for the beginning of next week. We won't be getting any income for at least 3 weeks. I tried to explain all this to "Sue", who got VERY RUDE AND CONFRONTATIONAL, BASICALLY CALLING ME A DEADBEAT IN SO MANY WORDS, and when I couldn't handle being treated like this any longer I asked to speak with Dr. Alonzi herself, who from what I remember had once had a head on her shoulders and a heart to boot. SHE REFUSED TO LISTEN TO ONE WORD I SAID, INTERRUPTED ME IN MID SENTENCE, EVEN THOUGH I WAS TRYING TO MAKE ARRANGEMENTS TO AVOID COURT, IF I COULDN'T PAY THE SMALL AMOUNT THAT WAS OWED TO HER BEFORE THE COURT DATE THEN "IT WASN'T HER PROBLEM" AND SHE'D SEE ME IN COURT. THEN SHE HUNG UP ON ME. I am not in the practice of not paying people money their owed, but this has been a huge issue with insurance mistakes and then our hard times. Now I am going to do whatever I can to keep her from getting that money. You just can't treat people that way... I'd advise anyone who is trying to find a new pediatrician to STEER EXTREMELY CLEAR OF HER AND HER HEARTLESS OFFICE.

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Garden City, Michigan, United States #702488

WOW so hard to believe! She was my son's pediatrician for 24 years until she quit for some personal reason.

I have nothing but GOOD THINGS to say about her and her office. Debbie her office manager was always awesome too. They were always accommodating. Especially when he was little and had to be admitted to the hospital for croup twice.

We loved her and miss her. I hope she's ok.

Saw her Dr. husband once when he was subbing for her, he was really awesome!

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