This piece of *** sleeps with women all the while swearing up and down that he has been tested and you are the only one. The loser puts up a great front and is very aggressive in his pursuit of his next victim.

Unfortunately everything he says is a lie and he has no remorse for the people he leaves wondering what the *** just happened and how the *** could one person ruin my entire life in such a shot time. Gave me HSV 2 and ruined my life!!! RUN FROM THIS COWARD!!!

I now cannot have children naturally, that is if anyone will ever want someone with herpes...

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Boise, Idaho, United States #657166

I happen to be the person this coward is referring to. What is your name? When it comes to assaulting someone's character, this type of harassment takes things to a completely different level. While I shouldn't even dignify this coward's assault on my character with a response, I don't have herpes.

If I can find out the identity of the individual who wrote this email, I will sue you to the fullest extent the law will afford me.

I pray you get some help.


keep getting tested, I hope he didnt give it to you too.


This is completely inaccurate, I have dated this gentleman and have been tested since. What an terrible thing to say. :sigh

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