Okay this resort is unbelievable! When we arrived at the resort in Williamsburg,Va it was beautiful.

Only to find out that we had to park far away from our room becuase the parking places by our room were taken. Then we realized that they only give us room serice 1 day out of 5 that we spent there and that was on the second day. So the rest of the vacation I had to wash towels in a washer/dryer combo that took 4 hours to wash three towels and all of the housekeeping myself. (I can do that at home.) The real problem came at the end of our stay when I had a balance due of 560.44.

They put a hold on my account the day we left then the next day collected 610.00 from my account. I was ok with the increase because I used internet and knew I was getting charged for that. But they never released the 560.44 hold they placed on my account earlier so I ended up being negative 300 in my account. So here I am stuck in Maryland on my way home to Ohio with 4 kids and no money for food or gas.

I called the resort...they don't know how that happened. So I am told to call the accounting office on Monday. It is 219pm on Tuesday and I have called 12 times wth no response from the accounting department. My bank has called with no response.

I am still -300 in my account and have no money! I had to borrow to get home from Maryland.

This is ridiculous!!!!! NEVER STAY WITH THESE PEOPLE

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