I feel for you and your sister. Only a heartless thug would do such a thing.

But you know what they say and it's true"what goes around comes around. What people do to you;back to them. In this system we live in, it doesn't take but a day, or week and back to them. She was in an accident I heard and just recently-she and cassandra jones.

Do you know who is cassandra jones; her sister maybe? You have to do small claims court and they will put a judgement on her-she can never own a home and always depending on other people to get cars, etc. Trusting boy friends that might run off with her hidden dollars. Don't worry- she has already gotten hers.

Oh. but it's not over. I hear she struck again out in Houston a few more times. Surely, she is screwing up and someone with a bigger brain will catch her in their prey, expose her.

God will deliver her up to justice. don't you worry, she won't escape. Her days are numbered for abusing the disadvantaged under a license. Have you followed up with the Dads program on her.

Then do so right away. You might be surprised.

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