i was trying to book a roundtrip to puerto rico for my family and just as they say on their website they had a GREAT rate so i tried to book it. everytime i tried it would tell me its sold out.

how could it be sold out if they keep offering it over and over??? so i called the 800 number they give and that was a joke just like the website. i explained how this was bait and switch and all i got was excuses and sales people trying to sell me higher airfares than what was advertised. i finally demanded a supervisor and got hung up on for my trouble.

this happened 3 times before i started getting names then no one hung up me. no one should use this company at all but if you do GET NAMES!!!! i finally get a manager Analisa who sounded nice and i thought FINALLY someone who can help me. Nope!!

She had the same story as everyeone else, so i asked for her supervisor and she tells me theres no one above her that she runs the home office and reports directly to the CEO. so i asked to speak to the CEO and she cant give me that either. in fact when i asked to speak to her boss she turned rude and said theres nothing more she can do forme!! how does a company have a manager in charge of offices that cant help and stay in business?!?!?!?

i hope a million people read this.

this type of fraud cannot go on, companies must stand behind their product and advertising. everyone who reads this should write their congressman and better business bureau to show just how strong the consumer can be when they're defrauded.

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