Terrible Customer No-Service! They lost some of my balance, while simply activating my phone. Long story short,2 days later a supervisor named Sonya stated they don't give credit for ANY reason, even though she could see what had taken place. In two minutes, they claim that my phone used almost $5 worth of data! While being activated! It was on airplane mode prior to the activation, and everything was turned off(all settings) after the activation. They told me the balance before the activation, and immediately after. They said they couldn't see what was going on then, and to call back in 1 1/2 hours. Then they hung up on me after waiting 25 minutes! Next day, I called back. They "started a ticket" and escalated to a supervisor. Said I would hear from them in 24 hours,

but I finally called them back again, and stayed on hold again. It wasn't the amount, just the principle of the situation. I had this short and sweet, but y'all wanted me to write more words.

They have cheap rates, but lousy customer service. DON'T TRUST THEM!!


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