worst experience buying glasses in my life. a total ripoff. bad and rude service. the rest is filler.

Protein chick a fil filet, light meat turky, egg white, scallop, crab, buffalo top round, chicken breast, cod, flounder, oscar meyer ham, shrimp, dried beef, haddock, fresh tuna, orange roughy, yellow fin, mahi, tilapia, tuna, non fat mozzarella

Best for weight loss/ alfalfa seeds, arugula, asparagus, snap beans raw or canned, brocolli raab

Chinese broccoli, brocolli and leaves and stalks, chinese cabbage, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, swiss chard/ chives, collards, fennel bulb , kale, lettuce, romaine, green onion tops, bell and hot pepers, spinach, squash, zuchinni, tommatoes, pimento, hearts of palm, mung bean sprouts, celery, fiddle heads, scallions, onions, seaweed, mc donalds side salad., mushrooms, radishes, dandelion leaves salted, tomato juice, radichio , parsely, arby's salad garden side salad, brussels sprouts, limes, leeks, melon, sbarro green garden salad, turnips, salsa, peas, apricots, wendy's side salad, frozen brussel sprouts, mint, gazpacho, meat extender, kellogs special k low carb lifestyle protein plus, pinto beans cooked or sprouted, kohlrabi, bamboo shoots, mixed veg, canned corn lima peas gr beans carrots, saurkraut, lemons, cucumber peeled, radish seed spr., tomato and veg juice, stir fried mushrooms

Best for optimum health / basil, asparagus, alflfalfa seeds spr7, squash and zuchiini12, chives 16, collards, broccoli rab, spearmint mint,

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