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Just found out about losing FX and other channels. I paid for a service that will now be less for the same price.

Mr. Chang says that he is trying to help the customer by not allowing FOX to demand higher prices in these harsh economic times. Well is Mr. Chang going to lower my bill since I will be getting less channels????

Negotiate and keep the FOX package or I will shop for a different carrier for my tv needs.

There has to be a compromise! THAT is all the customer needs in these 'harsh economic times'!!!!

Thanks for listening!

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You are correct. My two favorite shows on television are on fx.

I am pretty furious about this. I am pissed at Fox for being greedy *** as usual, but I am more pissed at direct tv for cutting these channels, because like you said sir. I won't be paying less for these channels.

I am losing twice. This is ***.

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