I bought a poodle from Mimi royal teacup puppies a premium puppy $3500 she told me the puppy will stay very tiny less than 3 pounds , but now she is almost 4 pounds and she is still growing , The puppy is younger than what she told me , her teeth Hasn't grow out ,come with no shot record ,no paper ,all my friends say she doesn't look like poodle , she is a poodle mix , she shed a lot her fur is not curly soft like poodle I'm so unhappy for that money I pay I could get a real teacup I post this review to let everybody know the truth ,this lady blocked me from her facebook Because she scare I comment on her wall

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I'm so sorry for you're disappointment! Thank you for letting me know about these womens scams, & to think i was gonna buy from her!

lol nevermind! anyways god bless!


Did you tell us about whom you are complaining?

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