Atkinson, New Hampshire
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My siblings and I became the beneficiaries of my deceased Mothers retirement account. Took us nearly a full year to straightened out the paperwork nightmare they created by sending the wrong paperwork in the first place .

Collectively we all spent nearly 10 hours in conversation and refiling additional paperwork with this company. Everytime we spoke with a new rep. we were each told different info. In the same day I was told that the RDM had been satisfied then called back and told no then 2 hours later called back and told yes but perhaps not enough and I would need to call back tomorrow.

I did and was told I was Ok after much concern between all of us.

This form of inconsistancy, fees, mis-information etc. has made me certain that I will not be leaving the remainder of this fund in the care of Vanguard, I can't fathom leaving my children the same trials in getting advice or assistance from them.

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Strange that you had so much trouble, since I find Vanguard very easy to work with. What is going on here?

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