Ravena, New York

Why is it when I win a bit it seems I have to pay for it ASAP and if its not paid for right away, I get e-mail telling me to pay for the item. Now once I pay for the item it seems like the shippers have as long as they want to send out the item.

I just bought a radio item# 300490707589 and paid for it the next day and was told it would ship the next Saturday. Saturday came and went. When I contacted the shipper he said he would have it shipped out this week and let me know when it was shipped. I have bought a couple of things and have had to pay for it right away and then have to wait at least a week for the item to ship out.

Then have to wait for it to arrive.

This is why I like to go to a store and buy something. I pay for it then and walk out of the store with it in my hand.

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