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Recently, the victims of Don Juravin, Tim McCullough and their other co-conspirators, attempted to clear their names from slander war that has been waged against them. In an effort to get the truth about the frivolous lawsuit brought against them by they previously named, Bella Collina, and the others that have been attacked, published a letter showing parties backing out, and the fracturing of this “lawsuit”.

And of course, like clock-work here comes Don Juravin spewing his garbage! See, in the deluded minds of Don Juravin and his lawyers, when their clients back out due to how badly they are losing this lawsuit, they MUST spin the truth!! They resort to “name calling”, and plastering their *** sites with as much misleading or slanderous information as possible. ANY attempt by their victims to clear their names or stop the abuse results in absurd attacks!

No matter how much Juravin and his cohorts try to obscure, the facts remain. They are losing this groundless sham lawsuit, and those involved are going to be held accountable for their actions legally. Regardless of how addicted to litigation Don Juravin is, HE is going to lose his own lawsuits. Again, he has had his assets frozen.

Liens placed on his property. The evidence that has been presented against him is massive. Yet, he continues to attack others.

His character and the character of those he supports is highly questionable to say the least, and his ridiculous claims should be viewed as what they are. Hot garbage.

Reason of review: Slander, Misleading.

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