Be the product inbred alcoholic parents or come from a horribly abusive home?Why else would someone (who seems to have all of life's answers) waste time bashing other people for not being as smart as Irish thinks everyone should be?

Let me tell you. Irish is probably an acne covered teen who couldn't get laid if he/she/it paid for it, couldn't fight their way out of a paper bag, mommy and daddy probably have no idea their bad seed is on the internet. Speaking of mommy and daddy, probably worthless abusive drunks. With a screen name like Irish, you gotta come from alkies!

Instead of bashing people to make your miserable little life better, try doing charity work and being nice for a change.If you can't do that, go live in exile somewhere.


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Cathy - if you actually believe any of the junk you read on here then you are just as nutty as the rest of them.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #191864

While I have seen Irish's posts.Most of them tell the writer the truth.

She could be nicer about it. However some of these complaints do lack common sense. Like the complaint about the mother who is blaming Wal-mart because she place her child on the bottom of the cart which is unsafe. The mother accidently ran over the child's finger and is calling the carts unsafe when they are safe as long a you use commons sense and follow instructions.

Then there is the third grade teacher who claimed a student stole from her a gift card and could not get it replaced so in return stole from the store the card was issued at. She also lied about a Burger king Promotion and said she was foreced to lie in front of her children when she made the conscious choice to lie. Let's not forget the abusive racist registered nurse who demands gift cards, coupons, gas money for every place she visited. For somoene as educated as the nurse she lacks common sense.

Irish is rude to some of these posters but she is telling the truth.She could be nicer in how she does it, but then agin like someone else said if they can't take the truth don't post.


If you can't handle the truth - go away.


I see and read a lot of Irish's posts and for the most part I agree.Some of his/her posts criticize spelling errors which is funny, but for the most part unnecessary.

Some people just have a lack of common sense and need to be brought out.So if this is about taking sides, I back Irish.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #173304

I think Tasha(who probably wrote this letter) is Irish as well, their insults about the OP's age and grammar are all the same. We have a self stalking troll here.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #171951

By posting this you too have know life.I think however that this letter was written by Irish.

Whoever it is they are self stalking for more attention towards themselves.Irish and May I Help You Find Something are the same person, and both letters (the one bashing Irish, and the one bashing May I Help You Find Something were written by the same person, the person being bashed in order to bring more attention to themselves.

La Prairie, Quebec, Canada #171865

I think the OP hit the nail on the head, just should not have been so harsh.Tasha, whatever.

:roll Here is some advice: the next time you see one of Irish's rude posts, ignore it. If you stop feeding the trolls, they go elsewhere.

Why waste precious energy on being angry?Life is too short.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #171800

I noticed that Irish is rude, but obviously you are too scared to leave your name.My guess is you wrote a letter and did not like her reply.

I have a feeling that however Irish and May I Help You Find Something are the same person.

Both are rude.However Tasha is no better and neither are you.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #171799


There are times where Irish is right. There are lot of whiny jerks here who just like seeing their words in print and watch other losers fall for it. Irish just runs off the *** and the weak.

I wrote this letter please stay off it.


I really don't think Irish runs off the weak and the ***. Irish is the weak and the ***. Irish is still digging the *** out of their butts that daddy put there last night.


There are times where Irish is right.There are lot of whiny jerks here who just like seeing their words in print and watch other losers fall for it.

Irish just runs off the *** and the weak.:p


I couldn't agree more! You have Irish pegged! He/She is a freaking *** with more time on his/her hands than a brain.

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