Why doesnt anyone speak english that works there? The first person who answered the phone was clearly not speaking english, the second represtntative i spoke with was very accented i guess you could say, and i kept saying " im sorry, but i cant understand you" finally, he just hung up in me.

Did i get my question answered? NOPE!! I just think this is so crazy! How are you suppose to get anywhere when you can't understand what they are saying, and then for him to just hang up on me.

Very NOT cool, or professional, but it is starting to appear that this company is not professional at all and dont seem to care about the people who send them money every week. Maybe they should have a press 1 for english option and i dont mean non clearly english speaking people.

i need to talk to someone who clearly speaks english. Thanks

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No, people are not born with accents. They acquire them during their first few years, and many people change accents throughout their lives.

You'll seldom find people learning French who aren't drilled on good pronunciation. English teaching standards are just sloppy by comparison.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #184285

Sounds like you are the one having trouble understanding English. The second person was speaking English but had an accent which you cold not understand.

They were born with that accent. Also for someone who is supposed to be fluent in English you sure made many sentence structure mistakes.

Not using capitals when you need them. Spelling don't "dont" rather than don't" ect.


www.paladinpi.com/ This Paladin Investigations, John Brewington sounds like a scam business to me for sure. Paladin Investigations doesnt operate with any integrity and Paladin Investigations sounds bad for sure

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