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The Quaid’s ordeal with Cedars and medicine will, again, bring this matter to our incensed and unbelieving attention. We live in a country with the most expensive and mediocre, if your lucky, medical delivery system in the industrialized world. OK 60 minutes will again remind us that our medical system kills, does not work and enriches behind belief it’s many practitioners who are , for the most part, in it only for the $$$. Who else makes a fortune, has a license to kill and has almost no oversight or liability? I could write chapters on the cold bloodedness and veniality of this business that , above all, “does no harm”. However, you probably have not read this far.

My question is WHEN IS SOMEONE GOING TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS HORRIBLE OLIGOPOLY. They have repealed supply and demand system and must be stopped. What will be done by all of us to stop this murder?

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