I have a torn medial meniscus cartilege in my knee. My personal physician has drained the knee twice since jan 2008.

Although the MRI did not show a tear, my doctor (a sports medicine doc) stated that due to the amount and color of fluid that there was likely a tear. I have worked in pain for 2 years rather than get operated on and finally decided the pain was too much. My surgeon agreed with my docs diagnosis and scheduled surgery. The representative from GB has been a total anus, my surgeon's office has called and left messages on at least 4 occasions and the 'gentleman' hasn't returned the calls.

We had to cancel the surgery, and at present I am working on a knee that looks like a grapefruit, is incredibly painful, and have no idea what to do. In my job with a large delivery company which drives large brown trucks and has a three letter name, I have delivered to the GB office handling my claim and always felt that the company was incredibly unprofessional.

Employees who seemed that they would be perfectly at home in a shifty mortgage brokerage, used car lot or perhaps a skanky bar rather than deciding the fate of injured workers. If this branch of the company is indicative of the GB corporation, they are indeed guilty of douchebaggery and don't deserve to be in business.

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