I sent money via paypal to this e-mail for a service. (hfmbears@aol.com)

I was promised the service twice but never performed.

I don't understand why this service says they will perform twice however lied both times saying they will but never did.

It would've been nice to at least receive the courtesy that they will not perform so I can find other options but they didn't.

DO NOT USE: SO Unfair what they did to me.

I found this service on Craigslist in the SF Bay Area. I would suggest that if you come across this service to flag it each time. I will do the same.

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Hmmmmm if you did the assignment why refund the money?


Written Assignment – Math History #3

2. 167 x 23; determine the answer using the Egyptian method of mathematics and explain why this works in terms of our standard multiplication algorithm.

1 x 167 = 167

2 x 167 = 334

4 x 167 = 668

8 x 167 = 1336

16 x 167 = 2672

23 = 16 + 4 + 2 + 1; therefore the distribution is 23 x 167 = (16 + 4 + 2 + 1) x 167 = 16 x 167 + 4 x 167 + 2 x 167 + 1 x 167 = 2672 + 668 + 334 + 167 = 3841.

The ancient Egyptian method of mathematics for solving multiplication problems works because it follows a method similar to the newer grid method of multiplication (Joseph, 2011, p. 121). The Egyptian method utilizes the breaking down or expansion of the equation into smaller pieces in order to easily facilitate the problem solving. This method works because the sum of the pieces equals the multiplier.

3. Although on the surface it may appear that Western Mathematics is the dominant problem-solving method with the utilization of various algorithms, Western Mathematics is truly a comingling of various cultural and societal methods gathered together over the course of several centuries from a multitude of countries throughout the world. Many elements of modern mathematics draw from ethomathematics which combines problem solving ideas from every corner of the world through translation and media to create a standardized expression of mathematics (Selin, 1997, p. 326). Thus the case can be made that Western Mathematics is a culmination of various equation expressions passed on through culture and translation to form our current usage of problem solving methods.

Just as each passing culture affects and changes the next, so too can this be found in mathematics. The influence of the ancient Mayan culture with its use of the zero (0) as a place holder and then being incorporated into other cultures as a true valuation figure is evidence of how one culture’s mathematical expressions can and does influence subsequent cultures (Joseph, 2011, p. 67). Additionally, the ancient Egyptian system of multiplication was passed on to the Greeks and on into the Middle Ages as an effective and economical method of problem solving (p. 89). According to Joseph (2011), this method of mathematical expression is still utilized today in rural areas of Russia, Ethiopia, and the Far East.

I agree with the advocates of Ethnomathematics that indigenous mathematics should be viewed as valuable and influential in the creation and development of European mathematics. In fact, the utilization of various culturally indigenous mathematical expressions serves as the basis for the current Western Mathematics. Again, take the Mayan creation of the zero (0) as a place holder and how it has evolved into a necessary digit in mathematical equations and algorithms (Joseph, 2011, p. 68). It is apparent throughout the world that each culture and society, whether current or past, influences the subsequent culture and society. This influence continues through every fiber and facet of human life and it should come as no surprise that science, including mathematics, is affected and changed by these cultural variations. Considering the cultural

melting pot” that typifies the United States, this influx, mixing, and overlapping of different cultures creates an environment rich in creativity and influence on every aspect of human existence.


Joseph, G. G. (2011). The Crest of the Peacock: Non-European Roots of Mathematics, 3rd edition. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press.

Selin, H., ed. (1997). Encyclopaedia of the History of Science, History, and Medicine in Non-Western Cultures. Norwell, MA: Kluwer Academic Publishers.


Yes, I did not complete the service. However I refunded the client.

I had two personal emergencies, I apologize that I cannot control my son having emergency surgery and my Mother having a heart attack.

to Holly McBain #925207

And what are your excuses now? SCAM ARTIST!!!!!!!!!!

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