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Dave Cunningham decided that the best for my project to save me some money will be to use his craftsman Dennis Kilpatricl directly outside of the company. Okay, I got in touch with Dennis.

He did not give me the estimate for the whole project but decided to give me the cost for the first day on daily rate of $500. Okay, fine. For $500 he would mount 2 TVs, put 3 fans, (he did not want to put the 4th one because it was too much work - his exact words), and do the lighting (2 light boxes), and put 6 blinds. I agreed.

In the middle of the day, he changed his plan and decided to leave the lights for later when the kitchen island is installed so can center them. Good, that sounded reasonable so I agreed to that thinking that he would do it later for no additional payment in case I already had paid him for that in the first day. In the mean time, he started mounting the TV in bedroom. I was watching the TV when he showed up in the bedroom.

The TV was working. After the mounting the TV did not turn on. Well, Dennis said that the TV was broken before him. It is funny, I know, it seems I was watching a broken TV when he came to mount it.

Okay, I did not like the fact the TV broke but maybe it was its time to break. Dennis moved to the second TV in the living room. He mount that TV but as you see from the pictures, it came down so I called him asking to straighten the TV up and secure it better. Well, he said not to worried and that nothing is wrong.

At that moment I cancelled the future work with him asking him just to come back to secure the TV and finish the lighting. He had a key for my house so he could get in. On the next day, he did not show up. When I asked him, his reason was I was not home.

Okay, I will get a get off and stay home for him to come and fix it. At that moment, he said no, he is not coming back. My house key is still with him. So according to him, I paid him for a day and that's what I got .

He did not secure the TV. He did not finish the lighting. Now, I have to pay again for same work and on the top of it, I will need to buy a TV. So, do not use Dennis Kilpatrick because he will waste your time and money.

He does not save money; He does not do good job either. From the attached pictures you see the brackets for the TV are getting out and the TV is going down too. The black hole on the ceiling is one of the not finish lights.

The lighting above the island are not even started. He just got his money.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tv Installation.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

  • Bad Craftsman
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