I hope this company goes out of business as quickly as possible.They are terrible.

I never dealt with even ONE competent employee. In October I re-activated a hot spot wi-fi device which I hadn't used in about a year. The woman who "re-activated" it clearly had never done this before. I took it home, assured that it would work, and it did not.

I did not use this device again until today (12/28/12) because I only use this when I travel and this is the last time I've been here (Tomball, TX) since October. So, essentially, I was charged for 3 months that I didn't use it. HAD IT WORKED AT ALL I WOULD HAVE GLADLY PAID FOR THESE THREE MONTHS EVEN IF I HAD NOT USED IT. When I explained this to "Sherwin" (yeah, right) he said he couldn't refund any of the fees.

After explaining that I paid for services that I did NOT receive, he said he could refund 15 days of charges. I explained that that would not do. He then said he could refund a month. Then it became two months.

And then that was it -- I would still be out for a month of service that I didn't use AND I WOULD HAVE TO PAY FOR A RE-ACTIVATION FEE. When I told him I had already paid for a re-activation fee (on 10/14/12) AND IT DIDN'T WORK THEN, he didn't seem to care or understand.

I would still have to pay for what I had already paid for.I will never use this company again, and in fact, will actively encourage others to never use them.


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Austin, Texas, United States #588500

Cricket customer service sux. I was not happy when cricket bought out pocket. Pocket had the best customer service I hoped that when nasty cricket took over pocket customers that would keep the same customer service but that has NOT been the case.


I had Cricket for 8 years and they are definately the worst.They have the worst directory assistance, the worst customer service (you call someone in Pakastan), the reception, the worst everything.

I finally quit when my phone died and was told to drive 20 miles to have someone look at it.

At that point I cancelled and went to another carrier.Good ridence.

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