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Sol and Sheila Kafka are well known in the Landlord & Tenant Board of Ontario. Sol is a very shifty person who would Nickle and Dime a human to death IF he could get away with it!

Sheila is mentally unstable and THREATEN'S her PAYING TENANTS for Speaking Up about their rights.

Sheila Kafka's favourite Threat is as follows "You Better Stop Causing Us Problems and Costing Us Money or We'll PUT YOU OUT IN THE STREETS...Back where you came from!" "You're No Good and You Better Watch Your Step."

They (Sol and Sheila) have Muscled, Been Fined by the Board of Ontario Landlords and Tenants for "Illegally Entering Tenants Units" and for "Interferring with the Reasonable Enjoyment of the Apartment. They have made a living Threatening, Illegally Throwing People out on the streets, especially those who don't know their Rights in Ontario, Canada.

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Burgessville, Ontario, Canada #1187879

Sol & Sheila Kafka ares unbalanced creepy peoples. I have paid rent with them for some two years for a store I have on first floor.

For two years, I get floods on my Dollar Store, I lose much merchandize and lose much money. I get sick, my children, my customer, still they no have Landlord Board to close them down. Still they have other businesses run there.

Why this can happen, and there are long list of peoples waiting for lawsuites to come. Someone please help.

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