I also purchased a yorkie from her just recently. I would suggest that you check her records in reference to shots and other care she states she has given them.

These dogs have not been taken to a vet for treatment. She told me that my 4 month old puppy had all her shots and only needed a rabies shot after I got her. I agreed to a specific price but was smart enough to check things out before paying her in full. While picking her up I found out that she had only ONE set of THREE shots she needed.

She was underfed according to our vet and she smelled of urine and ***. I ended up having to pay an additional $150.00 for her second set of shots and now I have to go to the vet 2 more times to catch up her shots that I was told she already had. BEWARE!

Do not pay full price for these dogs. She is dishonest about their care and they are not as well taken care of as she says.

Product or Service Mentioned: Yorkshire Terrier Dog.

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