I called and visited in person several brake shops in Las Vegas after my dealership checked my brakes and told me I needed new brakes soon. So I began my research over a period of 2 days. One company has a radio advertisement for $79 brake job. It turns out to be $170+ just for the front brakes!!! Another well known company advertising $99 brake work, will turn out to be $200 and not without a fight! This same company I had fun with. I went in person and they attempted to hard sell me by writing up the work order form as I continued to tell them I was going to wait another day. As a true salesman does, they don't hear the word "no." Next they ask me if I have any brake issues such as squealing, throbbin, etc. Knowing that I did have squealing, while knowing what they were trying to do (set me up for a sale).. I said no. They stood there with a dumb look on thier face. A word of advice, do not allow them to hard sell you! YOU are the customer, THEY need you! You have the power to tell THEM what the deal is and how it's going to happen. Demand respect and do not allow them to rush you.

Should you get your brkes checked? Yes! Ask them to check your brakes, just don't sign anything before the brake work has been completed.


None of them. I went to the library and checked out my cars fix it book and went to an auto parts store, bought the brake pads for $20, a needed C-Clamp for $5, brake dust cleaner $3, face mask, $3, and brake fluid $4. This was my first brake job, it took 2 hours to complete where as the brake shop wanted me to wait there for 3 hours! I will NEVER pay a stranger/company to change my brakes, nor should you. I never have, never will. They are a RIP-OFF! I changed my brakes for under $40 and in about the same time. (There are a few brakes to choose from along with price differences, the $20 pair I chose will last me 2 years which was perfect for me) (btw, Auto Zone on Blue Diamond was a huge help!, Thanks!

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