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We took a trip to Costa Rica. I paid $400 for 4 nights and it was a promotional thing. We needed to attend the 90 minute sales presentation. I know that it was only $400 but the bathroom had little ants all around the basin, the room was very small and bed was uncumfortable. We travelled all the way from Boston, MA to Costa Rica and were very dissappointed.

Not only that, but we missed our flight out of Houston, TX. We paid for these extremely substanard accommodations in advance. So we arrived a day late and they charged my credit card $200. I'm fighting this with my credit card now. It wasn't a 'no show' and the completely disgusting room was paid for in advance. Someone needs to investigate this company and stop them from taking advantage of people.

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Don't do business with WHAT company, you brain-dead piece of dog sh1t.

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