Do not call my number anymore. I have been divorced from the person your looking for 10 years.

I have the same last name and I guess that's why you continue to call me. I have given you his new number and other ways to contact him. Don't you people know how to google. You can get A LOT OF INFORMATION FROM GOGLE ABOUT THE PERSON YOUR LOOKING FOR.hE IS A bad person and is a gambler.

I'm sure that is where all the money your looking for has gone. You will not be able to recover anything unless you can get money from his job. He has a good job and makes a lot of money from the radio, he works for WINZ 940 AM Florida. He does own a home, but in Florida you can only put a lean on it.

Cannot take it till he's dead.

I heard recently his father passed away. I'm sure there is some money there.

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