Henniker, New Hampshire

Warning!!! If your buying experience is anything like mine, you will be terribly sorry that you ever ordered product from SELECTBLINDS.COM!!! I ordered and paid for blinds well over a month ago, and i still do not have the correct product!! Despite numerous requests, I still don't have my product.

They did originally send blinds (after a rather lengthy period of time; they claimed that a holiday had delayed production/delivery), but the blinds I received were a completely different color than what I ordered; they sent me the wrong product. My wife called them, and they told her that she had to "take pictures" of the blinds and send them in. I also called the company, and they said that a lot of the colors were similar so they needed pictures from me to verify what I was telling them. Essentially they were implying that I was too *** to know the difference between what I got and what I ordered, and too *** to read a pack-listox label). I informed them that the colors and the label on the boxes were not what I ordered. Regardless, they still made me take several pictures and e-mail them in. After that, they apologized and replied via e-mail saying, "Thank you for the prompt photos; they're greatly appreciated" and "We are doing our best to correct the problem at hand, and your remake blinds will be received shortly" Their customer service manager, Sean Ardry, even sent a message saying, "It is apparent that this is an important issue, and I have complete confidence that Ashley will remedy the situation quickly and to your satisfaction." - Well, a month later, the blinds still have not arrived. We called them again and my wife talked to Mr. Andrew Stone at the company. What did old Andrew say about it all?? He said they want eeded more pictures !!!! I've been waiting for blinds for over a month, and they've been doing nothing!!! Now they want more pictures!!! HA!!!


If you know an investor or shareholder in this company, let them know what they're customers are going through. I doubt I'm the only one getting jacked around. I've seen a lot companies rot like apples, from the inside out, and it seems to be happening there.

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