I went to the store and selected the furniture. While checking out we find out they don't have the furniture in the store and we have to wait 2 weeks.

Then we find out it isn't delivered to the store, it goes to a warehouse 20 miles away and if we don't want to pick it up there we have to $99 to get it to the store we bought it in. I go to the warehouse, no cars are in the parking lot, I park the loading dock and a guy comes out and says it's company policy that I have to part across the parking lot until I check into to office. So I park all the way across the parking lot, go in, check in, no one even drives thru the parking lot while I wait and now the guy comes out and says I can move my truck to where it was in the first place. Absolutely 100% focus on customer inconvenience.

The people were nice.

All of this is management decisions. I'm sure they are going out of business, I now know why, and I'll do my part to help.

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