This is a complaint for Identity theft os friend of court for children that are not mine she has been getting child support for a 2 year old that is not mine as well as using his name my oldest son name is Curtis Dwayne Thomas Jr. born 12-19-1992 in Greene County Ohio his birth certificate was stolen and used for a young lady son who is mental handcap, and blind they went to Ohio where my 2 son were born and used they medical records in court for her rtearded kids he is 18 and will be 19 years old in December 19,2011, my second son who name they used has not been in my care sicnce he was three months old he also was born in Greene county Ohio, in September and is 16 years of age and neither one of my kids have a mental condition or are they retared, he owes tax money for a day care that they ahve been running and abusing children, as well as fraud there taxes, they owe $7,465.00 the child was born in 2010, my last child was born in Flint Michigan January 24,2006 i havent had any kids scince then and i dont owe no taxes and i dont have no 2 year old child my kids SS cards and birth certificates where stolen in May of 2008 in Detroit Michigan and i ahve several police reports for all 4 purse that have been stolen in Wayne county and alter the police report by Lt.

Williams and several other officer that have been in on the scam of selling me and my sons and daughters SS these people who are using the names and SS numbers have criminal records and 9-10 felonies under my name i no longer live in Wayne county due to the Identity theft and the scaming of the program called Accident Victims which the police officer run which they change the name of th company to Premere Services after they scam me and my son out the Insurance money from me being hit by a car in 2007, she is and *** arits and great liar and a beautful actress, i owe no support ihave no 2 year old and iam not paying his ugly asss for child support and charges i will be filing against him Mr.

Jones and daughter, I can be reach for any questions you need answer at 216-482-6757 i currently in Cleveland Ohio where my First sons father is born and rasied and his name has been used as well the trying to be his father is not they are running a scam and iam not married to any preach and or any body else was never married name was used, fraud of marraige, in 2003, Mr. Jajuan Omar Gardner, son of Lonnie and Baby Gee Jousha last know address 1059 Superior Detroit Michigan we suppose to have 5 year old daughter which was swicthed at birth at Geneys hosptial in 1-24-2006 being investagted.

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