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Oh i wanted so badly to shop with this company but could not handle all the negative reviews, particularly poor customer service. This is not good.

They need to seriously repair this area & reduce to 1- 3% befire i shop here. The risk us too high.I will check out "finger-Hut" reviews.If they have too many poor reviews i will proceed to plan "C", "D"(other sources) etc. I just went through this terrible poor service with cricket cell phone service because i didnt read the reviews. I think both companies need to hire older people.

If so they will see an immediate positive cutomer service change & start a reward rating commission system for employees based on comments consumers make re: the calls. Also this terms to post comments are too threatening.

Therefore, people should complain on "yelp" etc. As an alternative.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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